Emma Overton



Emma Overton is an Editor for satirical news website The Beaverton and a Canadian Screen Award-nominated TV writer (This Hour Has 22 Minutes, The Beaverton). She studied sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade theatre in New York and has worked on stand-up specials at the Just For Laughs Festival, VICELAND’s Fubar: Age of Computer and contributed to the best-selling “CANADALAND’s Guide to Canada”.  She has given talks and workshops on satire at the University of Toronto, McGill, Concordia, and student journalism conference NASH. She co-hosts celebrity gossip podcast “The Hot Goss Podgosst” on n.10.as radio and is a member of the sketch troupe “Emma Overton’s Nasty Boys” (Best Newcomers, Montreal Sketchfest 2018).

Email: emmacoverton@gmail.com

Twitter: @ecoverton



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